NC Nature + Nurture

It’s time to make childhood an adventure again!


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Spending time in nature improves every aspect of physical + mental health including mood, vision, sleep, and cognitive function. It boosts immunity, supports physical development, aids in emotional regulation and increases empathy. (Nature is Nurture)


We guide using the child-centered Waldorf pedagogy and aim to nurture the whole child’s development, including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. (Nature is Nurture)


Play is serious work for kids. It sparks imagination, critical thinking, and curiosity, builds autonomy and resilience, boosts confidence, and improves motor coordination. (Nature is Nurture)

1/2 Day Nature Preschool

Location: 9900 Horton Road, New Hill, just minutes from downtown Apex. We are located next to the Jordan Point subdivision on Horton Road. Less than 10 minutes from Beaver Creek shopping plaza, and within close proximity to access: US-1, 540, 64, and 751.