What are your Fees / Daily schedule like?

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

  • The short answer is: Yes. Your child needs to be able to use the bathroom with minimal assistance (pull-ups are acceptable).

What do I need to bring each day?

  • You will receive a specific list in our Welcome Packet with everything you need for each day of preschool. These things include backpack with lunch, a change of clothing, and a refillable water bottle.

What is your discipline policy?

  • We apply “Gentle Discipline”, which involves setting firm boundaries while using caring and respectful language to protect the feelings of the child.
    • We establish clear + realistic expectations and use positive language to enforce boundaries and emphasize what is allowed/expected/safe.
    • We do not use Time-Outs to remove a child from our play
    • We do gently remove objects/items from a child who is not using them safely/kindly
    • We use praise and acknowledgment to reinforce positive behavior every day
    • We prioritize compassion and empathy by actively listening to the child’s perspective and offering multiple choices to help them solve the problem
    • We work to create a sense of community and cooperation among the kids, and encourage them to support each other and work together

Am I able to stay until my child is acclimated?

  • No, we do not allow caregivers to stay. While we want your child to feel comfortable as soon as possible, we also believe in using opportunities such as these to help empower your child and boost their confidence and autonomy. A short period of adjustment in a new environment and a new routine is completely normal, even for adults. These changes are healthy for kids to experience at a young age, and we find they adapt to the routine of drop-offs and pick-ups very quickly.

Do you have any animals on site?

  • Yes! Bandit is our official Nature + Nurture Mascot! He is a 3-year-old lab who is gentle and incredible with the kids. Everyone LOVES Bandit – even those kids who initially seem nervous end up LOVING him immensely. We even have a feeding chart to show us whose turn it is to feed him. (Each day, each child is SURE it is their turn!) You can find pictures of Bandit on our socials.
  • Spring of 2024 we will be getting CHICKENS! We are just starting out and each year plan to expand and grow our farm section of NC Nature + Nurture

Do you post pictures of my child on your social media?

  • We will send you an acknowledgement form in your Welcome Packet that will allow you to choose your comfort level with social media

Do you provide snacks/food/drinks?

  • Yes, occasionally. We love a reason to celebrate and share food! We will send an acknowledgement form in your Welcome Packet that will allow you to choose your comfort level with snacks + shared food