NC Nature + Nurture is born from passion, excitement, and a mission to “rewild” our kids. We guide our young students using the child-centered Waldorf pedagogy and aspire to nurture the whole child’s development, including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

We spend all day, every day, outdoors. Each day, week, and month throughout our school year, we expand into our natural world, practice outdoor safety, and learn to identify which plants, insects, and animals are safe and which could pose a risk.

We enjoy lunch outdoors, take hikes into the woods, balance on logs, become immersed in the changing seasons, and learn about habitats, decomposition, and food webs. We explore life cycles, identify plants, watch and listen for birds, investigate bugs, and learn to connect with and (safely) enjoy the beauty and wildness of nature.

We also make mud pies and potions in our mud kitchen, swing, run, play hide & seek and “floor is lava”, turn into superheroes, climb, and blow bubbles.

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Each day provides a natural opportunity to boost physical health and development, follow simple and complex directives, practice observation and active listening, solve problems, engage in critical thinking, examine cause and effect, practice empathy, and connect with each other and our natural environment.

We use a few minutes each day to put away our nets, bug catchers, shovels, etc. This simple practice is used to build a sense of community, personal responsibility, and encourage teamwork to accomplish a common goal.

Parents receive monthly email updates on the things we are learning and discovering. This not only provides an extra special peek into their time with us but also aims to help you track their growth over time in our Nature + Nurture preschool.

Because we believe that nature is essential to healthy wholistic development, we aim to spend each day completely outside. However, we take your learner’s safety very seriously and will consider the weather each day. On days that are filled with heavy rain, thunder, lightning, extreme temperatures, or other questionable weather conditions, we will move our play indoors.